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Traditional Absinthe
Not Great, But Better Than Expected
(Updated: March 09, 2010)
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Flavor / Mouthfeel 
3:1 with one sugar.

I'm wondering if they've tweaked this recipe a bit...Mine was not nearly as bitter and unbalanced as the other reviews led me to expect. Perhaps that extra year in the bottle helped as well.

Color. Dark yellow and clear. Not ugly, not pretty

Louche. It formed very fast. Clouds and a layer at the top, but was over.
Color improved with the louche going from yellow to a light white/green. Fairly thick.

Aroma. Again, better than expected. Anise wormwood and spice are all there. It was strong enough to detect from a couple feet away as the louche formed. A little flat and not very multi-tiered, but not bad either.

Flavor. Very sweet and in your face star anise and modest wormwood. A light earthiness that isn't bad, and a very mild spice and citrus. Not something I would reach for often, but it is not nearly as bitter for me as others have mentioned. I would venture to say that some might find it good enough to drink from time to time.

Finish. Light tingle, anise and wormwood, citrusy tang. Fades quickly, but not unpleasant. Leaves a bit of a sourness in your mouth after all else has faded away.

Overall, for the money, it tastes better than a lot of crap that costs more. If you're on a budget, you could do worse. I'd be happy to send a sample of this to those who hated it to see if this bottle is different than their experience.
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