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Traditional Absinthe
Ruined by the finish
Overall rating 
Flavor / Mouthfeel 
La Charlotte’s unlouched color is an almost pure gold which is attractive but unexpected and not entirely appropriate given that it is an un-aged verte. Louched, the color is that of straw with a hint of peridot finally showing.

This absinthe has an active louche, with white tendrils appearing early on in the watering. However, these are too milky and thick, providing no opacity.

Anise is practically the only detectable aroma, even after the water drip begins. It is not an anise-bomb exactly, but it is too simple and unremarkable.

The flavor starts out a little too bitter and with too much anise, but it is not horrible -- and then the bitterness takes over completely. Even watered to 4:1 or 5:1 it is overpowering. Adding more sugar just makes the drink cloyingly sweet on one hand, and does not eliminate the bitterness, either.

The finish is where this absinthe lacks terribly. What might otherwise have been an average absinthe was ruined for me by the acrid aftertaste that does not go away.

Overall, I would not recommend this to anyone. Even those people who enjoy a bitter bite to their absinthe would find this one wooden and unrelenting. I struggled to mark the flavor as a 2 instead of a 1 simply because the overwhelmingly bitter aftertaste wipes away the memory of the decent enough taste.
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