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Pacifique is nearly perfect
(Updated: July 22, 2009)
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Color: Pacifique has a natural-looking peridot color that is a little bit lighter than what I believe could be considered 'perfect' for a verte. Nevertheless, it is very appealing, with no visible sediment nor much in the way of haziness. The green edges toward a golden straw color as it is louched.

Louche: Oily curls evolve into bell-shaped cascades about the time that the water-to-absinthe ratio reaches 1:1. After that, the bells thicken and blossom briefly into opalescent clouds which beatifully refract blue and green hues, remaining active until nearly 3:1. The entire process is engaging, but not easily seen without good lighting.

Aroma: The green anise in Pacifique is most notable for its restraint, with herbs such as fennel and coriander being more prominent. The overall aroma is complex but unified, with no simple scent of alcohol to distract from it.

Flavor: Pacifique has an excellent, well-balanced flavor. The bitterness of the wormwood and (to a lesser extent) the hyssop blends wonderfully with the comparitively subdued anise and fennel, with hints of melissa. There is a slight mintiness that I would also attribute to the hyssop, with coriander acting as the fulcrum over which the entirety hinges.

Finish: The mouthfeel leaves a pleasant aftertaste of coriander that lingers just long enough to make you want another sip.

Overall: Pacifique is a marvelous absinthe full of subtle complexity that I would heartily recommend to anyone. The fact that it is produced using organic botanicals is a testimony to the dedication to quality that is apparent in every sip. I've sampled this on three separate occasions over the past three days, and am still working on the full flavor profile, but that's partly because I'm new at tasting absinthe. To date, though, this is the best absinthe I've had, being noticeably better than Lucid and Obsello.
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