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Traditional Absinthe
Please keep on producing pastis!
(Updated: July 01, 2008)
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Flavor / Mouthfeel 
Color: that olive color is somewhat attractive, nothing that looks really artificial here, just a bit unusual.

Louche: the louche is too slow to form and does not complete. The result is translucent, a half louche.

Aroma: alcohol comes first, then a citronella candle-like scent, and finally a (kinda) wormwood perfume. All in all, after you get over that strong alcohol nose, you're left with a medicinal aroma, something definitely not absinthe-like.

Taste: I wished the scoring system would include "1/2" because that's all this product deserves. The taste is unpleasantly bitter and chemical, with a melissa flavor but again in a medicinal way. The vervain they macerate must have changed the taste of individual herbs badly. It also bites, but not from a savory and fruity green anise, it just bites...

Finish: It leaves nothing on your palate, except a little lemonish note and bitterness.

Overall: If you've already bought a bottle of that 'thing', better sink it now and drink a cough syrup instead, at least you would know why the taste is medicinal!

The Elie-Arnaud Denoix distillery produces a rather nice Pastis (Pastis des Terres Rouges) and should have better remained in that direction instead of trying to produce a thujone-free 'absinthe'. Sort of like the Domaines de Provence distillery who produces a very good pastis (Henry Bardouin) and a bad 'absinthe' (Absente).

Additional note: E.-A.D. is now sold in the US under the name "MYTHE".

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