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Traditional Absinthe
Enjoyable, but a tad over-rated IMHO
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Flavor / Mouthfeel 
Color: A vibrant, deep peridot green. Very attractive.

Louche: Slow forming, nice building/layering action. Morphs into an opalescent milky jade color. It just doesn't get much better.

Aroma: Anise is predominant. An ensemble of alpine herbs are noticeable. The wormwood takes a bit of a back seat but it's there. I also get mint and toasted honey. During louche once again the anise is the predominant note, but the alpine herbs blossom into a nice bouquet. I think I can also detect a faint baby powder scent.

Flavor: Again, it's that anise that makes it's presence most noticeable. This certainly isn't an anise bomb like the VS but it's quite forward. Those alpine herbs aren't far behind imparting a nice crisp, refreshing taste. There's something spicy going on in there as well, but I don't know what to attribute it to. The wormwood is easily detectable but plays second fiddle to the other flavors.

Finish: I find the finish to be pretty standard. The wormwood finally comes through a bit more imparting a slight lingering bitterness. I wouldn't describe the duration as long either.

Overall: It's obviously a quality made traditional offering. When it first came out I was a huge fan but after expanding my palate a bit and trying other commercial offerings I find this rather average by comparison (but certainly not bad).
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