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Traditional Absinthe
Lots of promise here
(Updated: June 01, 2008)
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Received a bottle of this today. Thanks Martin!

The color is too deep for me. Even my wife, who isn't in to absinthe mentioned that it didn't look like absinthe because it was too dark. It's attractive and enticing, but could be lightened up and would look much better.

The louche was almost non-existent to me without sugar. I think that may be due to the triple distillation, taking a lot of the anise out of the product.

The aroma is nice, but I'm not getting a lot of wormwood or anise. Mainly just veronica. It's refreshing and clean, but too light.

The flavor is enjoyable, but it certainly doesn't taste like absinthe. Too much distillation has lost a lot of the essential flavors of the holy trinity. This could be easily fixed. It lacks all of the overwhelming bitterness that you see with most Czech brands, which is a major plus, and shows some care in the product.

The finish lacks depth again due to the above issues, but it isn't bad. The veronica seems to be of high enough quality to keep it enjoyable, but I'd like to see more than just that.

Overall, this isn't much of an absinthe right now (still closer than anything else I've tried from the CR), but with just a few adjustments, this could easily end up being the best absinthe coming out of the Czech Republic. I'm really looking forward to seeing what the future changes bring to this. Seeing a Czech distiller actually taking care to produce a quality absinthe is refreshing. However, I'd like to see Martin remove the thujone content on the label.

All in all, shows promise.
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