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Traditional Absinthe
Thicker Louche Desired
(Updated: September 06, 2013)
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Appearance: The coloring is a bit light. This is my second bottle of Trinity and is very close to the first I purchased in June 2012.

Louche: The louche actually retains a bit more of the green colors than some other absinthes I've had... though it is a bit thin for my preferences. I prefer a nice, thick louche.

Aroma: It is pleasant. Not as "room-filling" as some others but it is definitely nice.

Flavor: Nice. Almost delicate. Citrus and a little grassy... not in a bad way.

Mouthfeel: It has some weight to it - though a prefer a creamier feel.

Finish: The grassy flavor tends to linger - not very much numbing at all to speak of.

Overall: This was my first traditional absinthe (back in June of 2012) and is local to Loveland, CO (near Denver). Having tried a second bottle 8 months later - I was hoping the recipe may have been tweaked a bit to bring about a thicker louche and mouthfeel. It's definitely not a bad absinthe and is quite refreshing in its properties.

UPDATE 02/03/2013 -Have revised this up a bit since making a review. It may be due to "aging" a bit or just having additional exposure - but this really is a solid offering and while the louche is still a bit thin for my taste... it is certainly an enjoyable experience, overall!
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