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NOTE: I feel that is important to disclose that I am friends with the producers of this absinthe. When reviewing I have made every attempt to stay as objective as possible and adhere to the Wormwood Society reviewing criteria. All “insider knowledge” about the creation of this absinthe was removed from this review as well.

Appearance: A very clear but thin and light peridot color. The color strikes me as very natural.

Louche: A nice balance between cloudy and opaque. A transparent louche that is at the correct opacity but lacking in “opalness” or hue depth. The result is a nice balance but a monotone one.

Aroma: Anise, citrus, and spice stand out in front. There is also a thick and vegetal smell to the nose as well. Overall it is spicy with a sweet background.

Flavor: Spicy notes and a citrusy grass-like flavor rush forward as they did in the aroma. The texture is surprisingly smooth with a spike here and there from the spicy tones. Wormwood and anise provide nice and subtle background notes adding a roundness to the flavor. There is however, a slightly distracting vegetal taste that takes away from the novel spice use.

Finish: Citrus, anise and spice stay, with the spice note dominating. The vegetal quality of this absinthe unfortunately makes the finish a bit cloying on the palate.

Overall: Trinity is a very unique absinthe with the emphasis on a spice tone. I find the overall flavor profile unique and interesting. The major drawback is the vegetal note in the aroma and flavor coupled with the cloying quality in the finish. I would recommend this absinthe with food due to the finish quality and unique spice use.
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