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A Mystery in Many Ways.
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Color: Straw yellow color with the tiniest bit of green. May have been aged a bit and subject to dead leaf. Very light on the color as well.

Louche: Good louche on this one. Not too active in oil trails but the clouds form evenly and well. A bit on the thick side when done and retains some of the previous straw color.

Aroma: Smells very nice. Something is in here that is hard to pick out. The trio dominates the smell of this one but there are some smells that peak my curiosity as to the recipe.

Flavor: Smooth and creamy with a nice covering of wormwood. Spicy notes hit the back of the tongue fairly quickly. Wormwood heavy but not in a bad way at all allowing the anise and fennel to show up nicely as well. A very pleasant flavor from this one, but short of a “wow!” reaction.

Finish: Lasts for a very decent time and ups both the spicyness and sweetness. A slight tart flavor develops after a short while but not too much. Intriguing.

Overall: This is a solid absinthe with a slightly wormwood heavy flavor profile and a unique tart finish. One that I would love to see on the market again, perhaps with a slight change to the color, or not dead leaf.
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