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Perhaps good for beginners?
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There were flavors here which weren't necessarily objectionable, but they also weren't necessarily what I was expecting. If you put this product in a taste lineup with the big-boys, it would most likely be hard to take it seriously, but not because it is a "bad" product, just one that doesn't have the complexities and nuances that we are always searching for.

It sort of reminds me of "May wine", a white German wine which has been flavored with woodruff herbs and strawberries. It's a nice refreshing wine, that isn't trying to be taken seriously, but is a great way to introduce people to wine in general since it has some light and spicy/fruity flavors which provide a good bridge.

I hear from many newcomers to Absinthe that they don't like the heavy anise/licorice flavors that they encounter... I see this mostly as them not having built up a palate that can appreciate those flavors yet, just as newcomers to wine can't appreciate a rich and full red wine.

I think Mata Hari would perhaps be a good way to ease these folks into Absinthe, letting them enjoy the sweeter/spicier (cinnamon) notes of this particular product, and then gradually learn to have a better understanding for the underlying anise and wormwood flavors.
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