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Traditional Absinthe
Reviewed by StephenNess     February 26, 2009
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Great product made here in the US!

Color: I really liked the color to this one, reminds Me of a pre-ban like color, almost caramel look to it. Didn't give it a five though since it was almost brown though, not as "green" as it could be, but very attractive.

Louche: Awesome louche, from the slow oil trials to the billowing clouds rolling upwards from the bottom, nice and slow just how it should be. One of the best louches I've seen!

Aroma: Not over powering when first poured in the glass, and as soon as you start to louche it up, a wonderful spring-time essence mindful of the floral hills of California itself during that time. You can tell that it produced in that area.

Flavor: This one is really smooth, which I would contribute to the brandy base used. Starts off with a well balanced anise flavor, along with basil and tarragon giving it a "spiciness" to it; which I am a major fan of. Great mouth-feel, nice and thick across the pallet. I believe that is due to the brandy base used as well. The rest of the herbs used are not as detectable as other brands of absinthe I've tried, but still there.

Finish: Great finish, you can really pickup the lemon balm, light wormwood, and the stinging nettles here. Great after-taste, keeps you wanting more!

Overall: Really great for those wanting to try something different, and I think this shows how unique someone can get with absinthe. I wouldn't advise this one as a first timer's absinthe since it is quite different then most, but I don't think you can go wrong with this one. I will certainly keep a bottle of this on hand.

1 results - showing 1 - 1
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