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Traditional Absinthe
Reviewed by elcarajo     November 15, 2013
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Perhaps the Best of the Non-Elite Absinthes

Sampled at 3:1-ish with no sugar. I pour by eye, and am unable to provide specific ratios. I believe this is from Bogumel's third batch, but it might have been the fourth.

Color: A very mild feuille morte that looks entirely as if it were not intentionally colored at all. While I am fond of the more peridot colors, I am frequently disappointed by attempts to create a color, so the shade of this Boggy is very appealing in that it appears completely unaffected.

Louche: A full louche that - again - does not appear forced. I pour rather than drip, so the most interesting part of this louche is the swirling catseye in the bulb at the bottom of the glass before the absinthe blends. The louche has the right touch of translucence; the color is slightly green, with bluish and clear copper notes. The weak point is that there is not a lot of opalescence to be had here.

Aroma: The aroma is quite the paradigm of absinthe aromas. However, although it's near perfect in a sense, it doesn't stand out or otherwise alert the drinker to the unique flavor within.

Flavor: Very peppery and spicy flavors over a broad but piquant flavor. The flavor is probably low on anise and fennel and strong on wormwood, but the pepper is what really grans my attention. As the first reviewer above mentioned, there is a distinct flavor of pine, with a more subdued note of herbals. It is worth mention that there is none of the 'oily' impact that some very good absinthes (such as Meadow of Love) offer. I think one might argue that there is less complexity in some of the best absinthes, but this is the one absinthe I can think of that is no less off for it.

Finish: The astringent nature of the flavor sweeps most of the taste right off the tongue, leaving one with a strong aftertaste of pepper and wormwood. The effect is quite refreshing, but in the way that begs you to have another sip. The aftertaste remains pleasantly, for a very long time.

Overall: This is not the perfect absinthe, but it's in my top five. It has all the fun of, say, Jade Nouvelle Orleans, but none of the sense that one must take it so seriously. It is an absinthe to be enjoyed and I truly appreciate it. What makes this absinthe exceptional is its drinkability in any circumstance. I am surprised there is so little coverage of it on WS.

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