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Preparing Absinthe In Society

Properly preparing a glass of absinthe isn't as complicated as you may think.

Absinthe enthusiasts often refer to absinthe preparation as the "absinthe ritual", but it's not very different from making a cup of tea.



Absinthe Evaluation Tutorial

Do you know how to tell a great absinthe from a so-so absinthe?  What does one look for, or demand, in a glass of absinthe?  Just as with fine wine, fine absinthe has a whole language and system for evaluation and tasting.


Sebor Absinth

Sebor Absinth

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Available in USA?
Degrees ABV (% alcohol)
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Wormwood Society Editor Comments
This was one of the most popular Czech brands back in the 1990s. The webpage itself is now defunct, or possibly being redesigned. The link above is what you are redirected to when you try to access their site. This brand is considered 'faux' because it does not follow distillation protocol. Instead, it is an aggressively filtered maceration, which leaves much more of the bitter compounds in wormwood that would not be present in distilled absinthe. It also still relies heavily on thujone marketing.

Editor reviews

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No. No no no no no.
Overall rating 
Flavor / Mouthfeel 
Appearance, a nice deep green, but a bit hazy from the particulate.

Louche: What's a louche? Barely even gets hazy.

Aroma: Heavy and medicinal. Lots of what seems to be lower quality wormwood. Some heat.

Mouthfeel/Flavor: Ack! Tons of intensely bitter wormwood. Not a good bitterness either. A rancid, horrendously drying bitterness.

Finish: You'll taste that bitterness all night. Not fun.

Overall: Macerated brands like this carry absolutely no resemblance to authentic absinthe. While Kyle Barnsfather might argue that filtration recreates the distillation process, the end result shows that he is not only wrong, but completely out of touch with reality.
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