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Did You Know Absinthe Is ...

Wormwood Society Logo• Not poisonous, and never was?
• Not hallucinogenic, and never was?
• Legal in the USA since the 1960s?
• Not just a novelty? There are fine absinthes, just like fine wine, whisky, and cognac.  Read more here:

 Frequently Asked Questions


Preparing Absinthe In Society

Properly preparing a glass of absinthe isn't as complicated as you may think.

Absinthe enthusiasts often refer to absinthe preparation as the "absinthe ritual", but it's not very different from making a cup of tea.



Absinthe Evaluation Tutorial

Do you know how to tell a great absinthe from a so-so absinthe?  What does one look for, or demand, in a glass of absinthe?  Just as with fine wine, fine absinthe has a whole language and system for evaluation and tasting.


Absinthe Serving App For Android

absintheappAndroid absintheurs, here's a great absinthe app that's very simple, and very handy!  Absinthe is best when diluted to the proper strength. While the exact strength is a matter of personal taste, absinthe is intended to be drunk as a mildly alcoholic aperitif, more like wine than liquor, at the same range of strengths as commonly found in wine: between 12% to 15% or so.

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Absinthe Tasting Guide

Here's all the information you need to learn how to taste absinthe, and to submit a review. 

These criteria are based solidly on the known characteristics of properly made absinthe in the mid to late 19th century. These characteristics have been documented through modern scientific and organoleptic analysis, i.e. gas chromatograph/mass spectrometry and the tasting of many surviving examples.

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Musique d'Absinthe Volume 3

musique3The latest Wormwood Society Music CD is available for purchase by clicking the CD image at left.

This is 100% original music performed by members of the Wormwood Society...

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